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Cydroids: The Key to Immersion in Earth 2

Cydroids: The Key to Immersion in Earth 2

Cydroids: The Key to Immersion in Earth 2

Cydroids are a key feature in the upcoming game, providing players with a new way to gather resources and interact with the game world. These little robots are created using ether, a special resource in the game, and serve various purposes within the in-game ecosystem.

Cydroids main functions

Cydroids in Earth 2 have a crucial role in the game: gathering ether from inactive players. These advanced AI companions are able to detect properties with active mentars but inactive players. In Earth 2, players who are inactive and have mentars on their land will generate ether on a daily basis. However, if this ether is not collected within a 24-hour period, it becomes vulnerable to being collected by Cydroids as abandoned ether.

Earth 2 game play footage (E2V1) – Cydroids raiding
Cydroids moving between tiles at game called Earth 2

These advanced AI companions are able to detect and collect this ether, bringing it back to their owner’s home base for their benefit. This unique feature adds depth and strategy to the gameplay in Earth 2 and allows Cydroids to assist players in gathering valuable resources. This is just one of the many ways that Cydroids are able to assist players and add depth to the gameplay in Earth 2

Cydroids are easy to build

While Cydroids are easy to build, some skill will be required to use them effectively, especially when it comes to raiding other properties. In the future, Cydroids will also have attack and defense mechanisms, allowing them to intercept other Cydroids in player-versus-player gameplay. To start raiding, players will only need a small property with a minimum of 4 tiles and a small amount of essence. However, it’s important to note that Cydroids will require power to function, and if they are not sufficiently charged with essence, they will be idle. Recharging Cydroids will take some time, but it won’t require any additional ether.

To help players make strategic decisions and increase efficiency, Earth 2 will also have an insights panel for Cydroids. This will give players valuable information about their Cydroids’ performance and allow them to make informed decisions about how to use them in the game.

Overall, Cydroids are a highly anticipated and exciting feature in Earth 2, and we can’t wait to see how they will be used in the game. Get ready to join the ranks of the Cydroid army and experience the next level of gaming immersion with Earth 2. This is a game that truly represents the future of gaming, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.”

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