Cydroids: The Key to Immersion in Earth 2

Cydroids are a key feature in the upcoming game, providing players with a new way to gather resources and interact with the game world. These little robots are created using ether, a special resource in the game, and serve various purposes within the in-game ecosystem. Cydroids main functions Cydroids in Earth 2 have a crucial […]

In the Metaverse, Who’s Watching? Privacy and Consent in Virtual Reality

One of the main concerns with virtual reality is the potential for a lack of privacy. With the ability to track and monitor users’ movements and actions within virtual environments, there is a risk that personal data could be collected and used without consent. To address this issue, it’s important for virtual reality companies to […]

5 Surprising Ways the Metaverse is Changing the Way We Live and Work

Man working at virtual metaverse

The metaverse, a virtual world created by the convergence of the physical and digital realms, has been making headlines in recent years as an increasingly popular and influential part of our lives. From immersive gaming experiences to virtual reality events, the metaverse offers endless opportunities for exploration and connection. But what many people may not […]

Metaverse vs. MMORPG: What’s the Difference?

The terms “metaverse” and “MMORPG” are often used in the context of virtual worlds and online gaming, and while they share some similarities, they are not the same thing. Understanding the differences between these two concepts can be helpful for anyone interested in exploring the world of virtual reality and online gaming. What is a […]

5 Ideas How to Make Money in the Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual shared space that is growing in popularity and offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs and creators. Here are a few ways you can make money in the metaverse: Sell virtual goods or services One way to make money in the metaverse is by selling virtual goods or services. […]