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Earth 2 Metaverse: A Virtual World Where Players Can Buy, Sell, and Create

Earth 2 Metaverse: A Virtual World Where Players Can Buy, Sell, and Create

Earth 2 Metaverse: A Virtual World Where Players Can Buy, Sell, and Create

Have you heard about the Earth 2 metaverse project? It’s a virtual world where players can buy and sell virtual land, known as “tiles,” and create their own experiences within the world. The currency used within the metaverse is called Essence, which is planned to be published on the blockchain in the future.

Land Ownership in the Earth 2 Metaverse

One of the unique features of the Earth 2 metaverse is the ability for players to buy available land tiles from anywhere in the world or check the marketplace to see who is selling theirs. In fact, there are millions of dollars worth of player-to-player land traded every year within the metaverse. Land owners can also participate in the EcoSim by building a Mentar to begin detecting E-ther, which can be used to create Essence and power various virtual resources and assets.

Unleashing Your Inner Creator in the Earth 2 Metaverse

But the Earth 2 metaverse isn’t just about buying and selling land. It’s also a place where players can unleash their inner creators and design holobuildings that reach for the stars, create interesting tile art to be found easier from above, design interiors, customize color combinations, and more. The Bazaar is where all of the digital item trading takes place, and players can sell items such as Jewels, Holobuildings, and even Cydroids, Civilians, and Raw Materials in the future. Plus, players can list their creations as limited editions or receive ongoing royalties for every future resale of their product.

In fact, there have already been over 25,000 holobuilding sales in the weeks following its launch, with the top 3 selling for over $700 USD each. And on the Bazaar, players have already traded over $2.5 million worth of Jewels alone. Plus, items on the Bazaar can be sold for E$, which can be withdrawn in USD, providing an opportunity for players to earn real-world money through their virtual activity.

The Future of the Earth 2 Metaverse

Speaking of the future, the Earth 2 metaverse has big plans in store. The vision for the project is to create a digital representation of our world and migrate 2D web experiences into 3D spaces, creating a “metaverse” that is an online experiential space where people can build, trade, live, interact, and create their own stories. Whether you dream of owning multiple land plots, being a master harvester, building an empire, or you just want to free-to-play by running around and exploring Earth 2, the platform is designed to let you play it your way and enjoy your experiences, potentially even getting rewarded for your activity.

The Essence Token The Power Within the Earth 2 Metaverse

But what about the Essence token? It’s the core in-game commodity of the Earth 2 metaverse, created through harvesting and converting E-ther from land using a Mentar. Essence is used to replicate resources that can be used to create raw materials, power Cydroids, vehicles, buildings, and even entire cities. In short, Essence is power within the Earth 2 metaverse.

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