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The Future of Virtual Reality: How to Maximize Your Production of Essence in Earth 2

The Future of Virtual Reality: How to Maximize Your Production of Essence in Earth 2

The Future of Virtual Reality: How to Maximize Your Production of Essence in Earth 2

Earth 2, a virtual metaverse where the geolocations of the real world are digitally reproduced at a 1:1 scale. In this futuristic space, you can own and customize digital versions of real-world locations, and participate in an economic simulation that provides all the materials necessary to build this epic journey.

Concept of land tile

Metaverse’s economic simulation

As we explore the vast expanse of Earth 2, we’ll encounter a variety of resources that are essential for trading, building, and the metaverse’s economic simulation. These resources can also be traded digitally and their demand can cause their prices to rise significantly, creating extrinsic value for the creations and digital assets associated with them.

In addition to resources, there are also jewels in Earth 2 that enhance resource production and have other benefits. These jewels, along with the resources, are a crucial part of the metaverse’s ecosystem and its functioning.

To maximize your production of Essence – the future cryptocurrency of Earth 2 – there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, set your properties up for jewels by installing Mentars, which can hold jewels to increase Essence production.

Concept art of Mentars in Earth 2 Metaverse

It’s best to wait 14 days for the process to complete, but you can also install Mentars individually on each property for a higher cost. The best jewels to use are Sunset and Jamaica, which can be crafted by combining other basic jewels.

Another tip is to upgrade tiles from Tier 2 to Tier 1, as Tier 1 tiles generate more tax income, jewels, and Essence than Tier 2 tiles. Upgrading tiles is not yet possible but it’s planned to release in future updates. You can use Essence to upgrade tiles, and the investment is quickly returned. Finally, it’s better to buy lots of small, one-tile properties rather than large, multi-tile properties, as one-tile properties have more room for jewels and therefore generate more Essence.

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