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Earth 2 – Owning land in metaverse 2023

Owning land on Earth 2 means having the rights and control over a designated 10 by 10 meter tile on the virtual world. The land is classified into three types: residential, commercial, and industrial, each with its own benefits.

Earth2 tile grid on browser

There are two types of land: Tier 1 and Tier 2, with Tier 1 having guaranteed Essence production and a property locator, while Tier 2 does not.

Earth2 tile grid

As a landowner on Earth 2, you have access to exclusive features such as voting power, resource production, trading, advertising, and storage. You can even lease your land or hire others to manage it for you. The Essence production of your land will depend on its size and plot, making it important to own a sufficient portion of land to increase production. With the right ownership, you can enjoy the benefits of a thriving virtual world on Earth 2.

Maximize your profits from land purchases on Earth 2

Additionally, to maximize your profits from land purchases on Earth 2, it’s important to consider a few key tips. Having more land gives you more control over pricing and potential profits. Take advantage of any discounts or promotions, such as coupons or referral codes, which can result in a five percent rebate or bonus.

Furthermore, consider making long-term investments in virtual real estate instead of short-term flips. This strategy will ensure that you yield maximum returns and generate a reliable passive income over time. Finally, remember that taxes can also be a source of profit in owning land on Earth 2. By being aware of the various options for maximizing profits, you can make the most of your land purchases on this virtual world.

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