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How to get Essence in Earth2 – Easy Steps to get Essence

Earth 2 is a virtual world where players can own properties and collect resources. One of the most valuable resources in the game is Essence, which can be collected by constructing a building called a Mentar. Here’s how to claim Essence in Earth 2.

Gameplay footage of Earth2
Essence of Earth 2 Crypto

Step 1: Own Tiles

In order to start claiming Essence, you must first own some tiles. Once you have acquired some tiles, go to your profile page.

Step 2: Construct a Mentar

On your profile page, you should see the option to begin construction of a Mentar.

InGame footage of Mentars in Earth 2

If you don’t see this option, make sure to verify your account from the settings page.

Step 3: Log in for 7 Days

Mentars are free to construct if you log in for 7 days within a 14 day period. You can check your progress on your profile page. There is also an option to pay $5 and instantly construct a Mentar, but this is $5 per property and not recommended as the free option will give you a Mentar on every property you own.

Step 4: Detect E-ther

Once your Mentars are built, they will automatically start detecting E-ther, a gas that evaporates randomly from tiles all over the world.

Mentars on tiles at Earth2

You will see a message on your profile page when your Mentars have detected E-ther.

Step 5: Claim E-ther

You have up to 48 hours to claim the E-ther detected by your Mentars. After claiming, you will have the option to transform the E-ther into Essence.

Mentars will detect E-ther

If the transformation button doesn’t appear, simply refresh the page. The E-ther will be converted into Essence and added to your balance.

Step 6: Check Conversion Rates

E-ther to Essence conversion rates can vary and change daily. You can check your conversion rates by going to the transaction page and filtering by essence on the currency dropdown.

Note: E-ther detection is not guaranteed every day and will depend on the size of your properties and your tier of land. Tier 1 land is guaranteed essence detection and conversion, while tier 2 land is unpredictable for both detection and conversion. The detection rate of E-ther on Tier 1 land can also be boosted by slotting jewels.

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