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MetaQuest PRO VR Glasses Review 2023

The MetaQuest PRO has an undeniable value proposition, even at its new higher price. It’s the best bang for the buck VR headset in the market, offering features that are unmatched by any other headset. The MetaQuest Pro, on the other hand, comes at a hefty price of 1500 US dollars and is considered to be the most expensive VR headset that Meta or Facebook or Oculus or any other name they go by has ever released. However, when looking closer, it becomes clear why the headset is priced so high. Each of the controllers for the headset contain three cameras for spatial tracking and a Snapdragon 662 processor, which is more at home in a smartphone than a controller. These controllers are also fairly heavy, with a rated weight of 153 grams, and have charging contacts on the side for the integrated battery, making them more convenient to use than the slide-out battery compartments in the MetaQuest PRO. The controllers also have true touch haptic feedback and are not over-spec for the three simultaneous video feeds and low latency 3D space calculations that they must process.

The MetaQuest PRO VR Glasses

The headset itself is about 200 grams heavier than the MetaQuest PRO, due in part to the wrap-around headband that is designed for longer wearing sessions. The MetaQuest PRO is designed for both VR and AR applications, but there is a noticeable plastic smell out of the box that resembles mold. This odor is likely just a manufacturing stain and not a result of mold growing on plastic. The optics in the MetaQuest PRO are 40% thinner than the MetaQuest PRO, with better lenses than those in the Valve Index. The headset is designed for use in both VR and AR applications, and Meta claims that it is ready for both types of applications right out of the box.

In terms of display and visual quality, the MetaQuest Pro has a high resolution display with a resolution of 2880 x 1700 and a refresh rate of 90Hz, which is higher than most other VR headsets in the market. This high resolution display, combined with the high-quality lenses, results in a stunning visual experience that is unmatched in the VR industry.

In terms of audio, the MetaQuest PRO comes equipped with 3D spatial audio that delivers an immersive audio experience that is integrated into the VR environment. This makes it easier for users to locate sounds within the VR environment and enhances the overall experience.

One of the most exciting features of the MetaQuest Pro is the support for passthrough cameras, which allows users to see the real world through the headset’s cameras. This is especially useful for users who want to take a break from the virtual world and see what is going on in their physical environment. The passthrough cameras also support hand tracking, which allows users to control their virtual environment using hand gestures without the need for controllers.

The MetaQuest Pro also supports room-scale VR, allowing users to walk around their virtual environment and explore it as if they were actually there. This is made possible by the powerful tracking system in the headset, which is able to accurately track the user’s movements in real-time.

In conclusion, the MetaQuest Pro is a highly advanced VR headset that offers a range of innovative features and technologies that make it the perfect choice for VR enthusiasts who want the best VR experience possible. Despite its high price, the MetaQuest Pro delivers a value proposition that is unmatched by any other VR headset in the market, making it well worth the investment for anyone looking for the best VR experience possible.

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