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CES 2023 – Latest technologies and Innovations

The legendary Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brought hundreds of companies and several thousand robots and technology gadgets to Las Vegas for the world’s largest innovation show. CES provides a glimpse into the future years ahead, and this year’s show was no different. We’ve collected the most interesting novelties from the world of robotics and high tech and we’re going to share them with you in today’s article.

One of the most impressive robots at CES 2023 was the robot AO from Alios Robotics. The humanoid robot is positioned as a deliverer, robotic companion, and caregiver for the elderly. AEO can perform different tasks with different hands, for example, one hand can be equipped with a UV panel and the other with a grip for opening doors, carrying things, and controlling elevators and appliances. The robot’s vision and intelligence allow it to determine whether a patient has fallen and whether they need medical help. The same abilities make the robot a security guard capable of checking windows and doors, unauthorized people, and forgotten bags in hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

The enhanced security features of AEO include a 360-degree night vision camera that uses real-time streaming with video and two-way voice communication to alert security services if something is happening. The robot is already being used in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taipei by elderly care companies as well as commercial property owners.

Holiday Robotics will compete for the role of a security guard with AEO. The company has contracted with ADT Commercial, which unveiled its Evo Guard Intelligent Security Solutions at CES 2023. Evo Guard will use artificial intelligence and augmented reality in combination with a fleet of autonomous humanoid robots and drones for comprehensive security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial applications. The solution aims to launch in 2023 and will offer customers 24/7 patrolling, two-way communication, intruder photography, elevator and door control, and quick alerts to special services.

The Metaverse Point of View

In addition to the security features, the robot can also be controlled in Avatar mode using a virtual reality system. This function creates a live telepresence environment in which a human controller can remotely interact with the real environment through the robot. This technology brings us one step closer to a metaverse, where virtual and physical realities merge, creating a seamless and integrated experience.

The robots at CES 2023 are not just about the practical applications in our current world, but also about exploring the potential for a new world of experiences and possibilities. With the advent of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and robotics, we are closer than ever to realizing the metaverse, a world where people can interact with each other and with digital environments in new and exciting ways.

In conclusion, CES 2023 gave us a glimpse into the future of robotics and high tech, and the advancements in this field bring us closer to a world where the metaverse is a reality. The robots on display at CES 2023 are not just the tools of the future, but they are also symbols of the limitless potential for technology to enhance our lives in ways we have yet to imagine.

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